General questions: 

Is the billing on AllAdmirers truly discrete?

Yes, when you are billed you will not see our company name come up on your bill to respect the privacy of all subscribers.  We make sure that your billing is discrete yet easily recognizable.

What is AllAdmirers and what does it offer?

AllAdmirers is a very powerful and useful tool for Instagram  Influencers, YouTubers, Reddit users, fitness trainers, models, content creators, and public figures to engage with their admirers.  It allows users to gain 90% commission while having their content remain truly private and non-downloadable and also rewards subscribers with discounts on subscriptions.  See this page for more information: alladmirers.com/perks.

Why do AllAdmirers require email verification?

In general verified email addresses allow access for users to receive important system notifications and other important updates regarding your account.  It is important to realize that a person’s email and password are the keys to your account.  We are aware that on occasions emails can be accidentally mistyped during registration. Therefore, we require email verification checks to make sure that a person’s address was entered correctly and to ensure that you will be able to recover account access in case you forget your password.

Submitting content:

Who can view my AllAdmirers content?

Only paid subscribers can see your content.  Access is completely blocked until paid for and the media on your profile will be completely unwatchable until a user subscribes. All users are required to adhere to our terms of service agreement that you have reviewed and agree to when signing up.
Do I need to promote my AllAdmirers profile?

It is best for you to promote your AllAdmirers profile via your other social media accounts such as Instagram, Snapchat and Reddit. You should do as many reviews as possible on your other accounts and post as much content on your AllAdmirers profile as possible.  The more content you put out there, the more of a presence you’ll have in general and the more likely it would be that users subscribe to you. One way to easily promote your account is by sharing your AllAdmirers profile link on all your social media accounts. Don’t forget to promote updates to new content on accounts associated with your AllAdmirers account. 
What does AllAdmirers do to prevent content leaks?

Our website prevents users from using any downloading extensions whatsoever, content creators and are notified of the user’s exact credentials if a user tries to screenshot a content creator.  In addition, our admins can be contacted at any time and are DMCA professionals that will work with you free of charge to take down any leaked content for you.   If you have any concerns at all, feel free to contact DMCA@alladmirers.com.
Are there limits on how much content I can put out?

We recommend that your video can’t be any bigger than 3.1 GB, or that your photos are any bigger than 6000×6000 pixels. We also recommend that you submit videos in MOV, and MP4 video formats.
Can users have more than one active account?

Users can have up to two accounts only.The only exception is if the accounts that are in question belong to a couple who link a shared bank account to their profile.  The usernames of both users need to be in the bios of both accounts.
Are free subscriptions available for potential subscribers?

Yes, you can offer free subscriptions to users of your choice.

Subscribing to users:

What are the benefits of being an AllAdmirers subscriber?

Our website offers rewards and discounts to subscribers who stay subscribed to a content creator for a month or longer unlike any current content creation website.  We also require all content creators to require ID verification to be approved, to make sure that their profile picture matches their ID.  Unlike most content creator sites we also offer discrete billing to all users and respect the privacy of all subscribers.  Altogether, our team provides private, smart and safe venue for all users.  Subscribers also have the ability to message users without charge and also video chat with subscribers at anytime, as long as the user is online.  We are the first major content creation site to allow free messages and to offer video chats with users.  AllAdmirers gives user a venue to be closer to a content creator than they would ever be via normal social media accounts.
Which cards are supported?

Only MasterCard and Visa debit or credit cards can be used to subscribe to an account, no matter where you are located.   However, we also support PayPal as well to support other payments.
Can I subscribe to multiple profiles?

Yes, a user is not limited at all in terms of the profiles that they subscribe to.  In fact it is highly encouraged to subscribe to as many accounts as possible. In order to subscribe, you must add your credit card details, then subscribe to any account you would like to subscribe. When you subscribe to an account, you’ll automatically have access to all of the media on their profile that was previously hidden. 
What will users see on their  statements when subscribing on AllAdmirers?

Your statements will always be discrete because we protect the privacy of all users.
How are users able to search for profiles on AllAdmirers?

We allow users to use the search feature on the Home page when viewing the site on a desktop platform. 
Does AllAdmirers see your card details?

Our site offers encrypted security to conceal your private data. AllAdmirers does not see your card’s details, nor do we collect any private data files of any kind.  AllAdmirers is secure, and private data always remains confidential.
Why am I unable to subscribe to users?

There are multiple reasons why this might occur. After registration, ensure your email address is confirmed. It is also possible that the credit card details weren’t added properly.
It is also possible the card might be declined if your IP address is hidden with a VPN service or private browsing network. So the verification process will more than likely be hindered when the bank is unable to trace the location of the transaction for your protection.
Why am I having difficulties logging in?

There is a good chance that you are trying to log into an alternative account potentially created with another email address. If you can’t access your subscription despite being able to log into your account, you need to log in using your original account.  In addition, if you can’t remember your password, click the “Forgot Password” link on the login screen. 
Can you cancel your subscription?

It is possible to cancel your subscription whenever you would like. After a user cancels, they will still be able to access your subscription until the end of the billing cycle you paid for. After that, you won’t be billed again.

Is it possible to close your account?

Yes, it is possible to close your account either by contacting us or via your settings options.

What kind of photo IDs are accepted for verification?

To begin earning, you first have to upload your driver’s license or passport in order to earn. The information and pictures on the ID must be clearly readable or your id submission will be more than likely rejected. 
Please also make sure that in the background of the scan you upload and that the information on your ID isn’t concealed by optical effects like glares.
How do content creators get paid?

Based on where you are located, your account will have a specific payout system. Our merchants can efficiently configure your account. Your verified ePayments wallet or bank account can be linked up to your Alladmirers account. Users are not able to set their rates until verification of your account is complete. 
Is it possible to add my bank account to my AllAdmirers account?

Yes it is possible and especially if a user lives in certain EU countries, the UK, Australia, Canada, or the USA. In anycase, users can also earn via AllAdmirers by using ePayments systems integrated into the platform.
How much do content creators earn on AllAdmirers?

All content creators earn 90% of commissions, including tips and subscriptions. 
How quick are payments to users?
In general requests for bank payouts and withdrawals tend to get processed within 5-7 business days. However, all processing times per bank differ, so that is important to keep in mind.
Given the rare scenario that fans aren’t able to send tips or subscribe, what should I do?

Depending on your location, your banking details might have to be re-added. Ask your fans to send screenshots to our customer service team if you are having difficulty subscribing even if the correct banking details have been filled out and verified.  Our team will investigate each case in such instances to isolate the source of the problem before resolving it.  However, it is important to note that admirers might not be able to send you tips or subscribe to your profile because of issues on their end, and not yours or ours.
Need a more specific answer?

Please contact support for assistance.